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Buy hardcopy book online in Nigeria by entering the book title and author with your delivery location, our system ensures that wherever you are in the country you would get your chosen book delivered to you in hardcopy or your chosen format

Buy Books Online In Nigeria

It has never been this easy to buy a book online in Nigeria, we have observed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get books online in Nigeria, especially hard copy books, either they are too expensive or they are not available and this is after you have spent time and effort to search, visit and ask questions.

Imagine the stress you would undertake to find a bookstore with the book you want to buy.

Buying from Amazon is not in the best interest of Nigerians (at least the younger ones), the shipping time, delay, and cost (Imagine paying 19.99$ ~~ N10,000 for a single book.), even making a payment is a problem as not all debit cards are accepted for international payments, the accepted cards are limited to $20 a month in Nigeria.

With BestPicks, we have assembled all book vendors in Nigeria, depending on your state and location, our system uses AI to ensure that you get your choice book delivered to you at your OWN budget.

Yes, you heard it correctly, to get a book online in Nigeria, you just need to follow these form and get your chosen book delivered to you.

How to buy a book online in Nigeria

  1. On the form below, Enter the book title, author, and edition
  2. Select the condition: Brand New or Used. The "used" option is just available for books with private owners who want to sell at a cheaper rate, of course, you would verify that the book is in good condition before it gets to you
  3. Enter your budgeted amount and when you need the book delivered and hit submit

Accredited book vendors in Nigeria will receive your request, depending on your state and location, you can relax while you get the book delivered to your location.

It has never been this easy to get any book of your choice in Nigeria.

What are you waiting for? Get your chosen book online below

As a business owner, or vendor in Nigeria, get access to digital demands for your products and services with BestPicks.NG

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